How do employers measure the competence of their employees? This is split into two key areas which is a combination of knowledge and skill. However, another key aspect is to ensure that this competence is successfully applied in the workplace. This would be down to the actual employee’s desire to achieve quality results for their employer and consequently the onus would be on the employers to ensure the employee is suitably motivated when carrying out their duties. I feel I have gained a reasonable background knowledge into the world of QHSE through various courses and qualifications however I could be seen to lack a degree of skill due to my limited experience in QHSE. I feel that FQM have supported me greatly with this aspect from continued coaching efforts from management in all aspects of my development as a QHSE Coordinator. I feel that this has certainly increased my skill level and my overall competence in the subject.

The next aspect, desire to achieve results for your employer; this is certainly something that I don’t feel I lack. It is clear to see that the management of FQM are committed to continually developing and motivating their staff and continue to offer me challenging opportunities.  This was demonstrated when the FQM MD Chris asked me how I felt about furthering my knowledge in auditing through undertaking a lead auditor course, needless to say I jumped at the chance and was subsequently booked on to the next available course in Aberdeen.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I attended the IRCA certified Lead auditor ISO 9001:2015 course conducted by QMI at Kippie Lodge early April 2018.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course; the instructor was evidently very experienced in her field and really made applying the standard in practical lead auditing situations straightforward. Before I attended this course, I feel I had a great foundation gained through the FQM 9001/14001/18001 internal auditor course which the lead auditor course assisted in cementing my understanding of the standard and lead auditing practices. After an anxious 4 week wait I received the dreaded cardboard backed ‘do not bend’ envelope, the calling card of any qualification result. I let my colleague Dean do the honours of opening and after the expected disappointed expression, I was delighted to see that I had passed! Bacon rolls all round!

Since then I have gone on to represent FQM as part of an audit team, where I was further coached on the skills required on the job and have now successfully lead a number as well. This is something which initially I found quite daunting, being let loose top lead audits at client sites, but having a few under my belt now I feel confident in my auditing ability and my understanding of the Standards. I’m also happy to announce that the feedback so far from clients has been positive.

In addition to the lead auditor course, I have had the opportunity to utilise the FQM suite of online training courses which have provided a great resource in raising further awareness on topics that I had not experienced before. I am under no illusion that I am still learning but I feel my skill level is continually improving with the opportunities and coaching that FQM is giving me.


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