It’s almost been 5 months since my induction to the world of QHSE and starting with FQM and I’m delighted to say both my experience and the feedback I’ve had so far have been excellent and the passion I have in this career still remains. 
I have only seen a snapshot of what this rewarding career has to offer but even at this early stage I can see that working with FQM will help me reach my full potential. 
I am under no illusion however, that I have a long journey ahead of me and that QHSE can often be a thankless task, but I am confident in saying that I am up to the challenge.

Having never worked in a QHSE environment before I confess I was slightly nervous in taking the leap from a secure role in recruitment to the relatively unknown world of QHSE. 
I had a reasonable knowledge in QHSE from gaining my NEBOSH qualification through self-study and working in a company who put QHSE at the forefront of its decisions, but I had no real QHSE working experience. 
This has greatly been developed in this short space of time by the full support, training and coaching from the highly experienced team at FQM.

I feel I have always had a good perception of risk gained from my own personal pursuits which many may think are not the ‘safest’ pass times… motorcycling, scuba diving and shooting!
Take riding the motorcycle for example. Being as exposed as you are, you are not able to let your attention drift or take in the scenery in the same way as you might in a car. 
The road surfaces and environmental conditions play a much greater role being on 2 wheels. Should you hit a patch of ice or a large pothole (which seem to prevalent in our Scottish roads) and unless you’re Rossi or Marquez, the chances of you staying upright aren’t great! 
So, maintaining a high degree of risk perception and constantly assessing risk is imperative. 
I feel these perception skills have all aided in my ability to identify hazards both in the domestic and working environment and will no doubt continue to benefit my development.
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